Commit 02c3f977 by U+039b

Change text

parent f063a21e
......@@ -49,11 +49,11 @@ bottom = height-padding
x = 2
font = ImageFont.truetype('/home/pi/pi-router-oled/Minecraftia.ttf', 16)
font2 = ImageFont.truetype('/home/pi/pi-router-oled/Minecraftia.ttf', 12)
font2 = ImageFont.truetype('/home/pi/pi-router-oled/Minecraftia.ttf', 8)
# Write two lines of text.
draw.text((x, top), " U+039b", font=font, fill=255)
draw.text((x, top+20), "4G LTE/Wifi", font=font, fill=255)
draw.text((x, top), "U+039b", font=font, fill=255)
draw.text((x, top+20), "4G LTE/Wifi router", font=font2, fill=255)
draw.text((x, top+50), "Booting ......", font=font2, fill=255)
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